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Roger Schwartz and his assistant, Ginger.

As the son of a master carpenter, I grew up helping build barns on our family’s farm and additions to the homes of our neighbors. I learned from the best how to build the best. My military service time with the US Coast Guard brought me to the Outer Banks of NC.  Once I started in this business, I promised I would not be like other home builders, remodelers and contractors. You’ve read the reviews on Yelp and Google. Complaints about poor communication, showing up late, running behind schedule and disappearing for weeks at a time. That’s never been a part of my work ethic and never will be.

The NC Outer Banks presents a unique challenge for home builders. With its extremes of wind-driven rain, sand, temperature swings, high humidity, and salt air, this area will test a home’s integrity. That’s why you want to hire someone who knows what nature will throw at your home and how to build it to withstand those perils. Whether it’s a siding or paint job, a new deck, exterior or interior remodel, or building a home from the foundation up R. Schwartz Construction is up to the task.

I bring all I have learned in my 42 years in the construction industry to your project. I will work closely with each sub-contractor to eliminate the problems that inevitably crop up between carpenters, electricians, roofers, painters and the other construction trades. Every job is done as if it was for our own family. We take as long as needed to do the job right. We’ll combine your ideas with my knowledge to provide a finished project we can both be proud of. Among home builders in eastern NC, you will find no one who will respect your time, input and budget like R. Schwartz Construction.