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Outer Banks New Construction and Additions Contractor

Construction of new homes and additions on the Outer Banks must take into consideration the special challenges posed by conditions at the beach. You need the professional expertise of a three-time, Parade of Home award winning builder to help ensure your new home or remodel will stand up to anything the local weather can throw at you.

We have built many fine homes from Corolla to Hatteras. Our new construction and remodels are built on both standard concrete foundation or pilings and all have stood the test of time. Most of the year the Outer Banks offers pleasant, enjoyable weather. It’s part of what makes our area a great place to live. But in any given year, your home may be subjected to hurricane force winds, torrential rain, extreme humidity, a summer full of hot days and winters with below-freezing nights. The last thing you should be worrying about when it’s blowing a gale is whether or not your roof is going to hold up!

Schwartz Construction builds new homes and additions for any and all needs. Are you looking at an investment property on the Outer Banks? We’ll cover all the special considerations that go into the construction of a rental home that sees a high volume of occupancy and changeover. Is the Outer Banks your dream retirement destination? Talk to us about all the options for building a home that meets your every need. Are you a local resident who needs a new bathroom, an addition or an entirely different floorplan? We’re the builder you can turn to for all your new construction needs.

Kitchen and Bath Remodel OBX Contractor

Schwartz Construction is the contractor that will make your dreams for your OBX home remodeling project a reality. Often those remodeling projects start in the kitchen or bath. We have worked with dozens of homeowners to develop a remodeling plan that best suits their needs and their budget.

We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where families gather and life-long memories are being made. R. Schwartz Construction works with the best kitchen designers to ensure your remodeling project goes smoothly and the end result is a product you are happy with. Remodeling your kitchen can dramatically increase your home’s value and your overall happiness. If your countertops are a bit worn or your cabinets a little plain, we are the OBX contractor that can work with you to design a new kitchen space or redesign your existing space to be more functional and attractive.

Your home bath needs may change over time. The bath is the room that must adapt more than any other to accommodate those changes. Is your family expanding? Have you become the primary caregiver for an elderly relation with special needs? Do you want to take advantage of new technologies or designs? Whether you just want to change a couple of fixtures or remodeling your entire bath is your plan, R. Schwartz Construction is the OBX contractor who will bring your ideas to life.

Siding OBX Contractor

Your siding does more than just make your home look good. It is vital to protecting the integrity of your home underneath as well as providing a measure of weather resistance, pest control, and energy efficiency.  You don’t have time to deal with multiple service providers to complete every stage of the siding job. R. Schwartz Construction are the pro’s who have decades of experience to address all your siding needs.

Our siding services include installation, replacement, and exterior remodeling. Whether it is a new home construction or you are changing siding from one material to another, we will make your home look its best. Our experience covers most types of siding including cedar, vinyl, and HardiPlank. We’re happy to discuss all the pros and cons of each option and help you decide what works best for your budget. Does your OBX home need siding replacement? We can help you by adding new siding to your home to give it an improved look and increase its energy efficiency. Or do you need the entire exterior to remodel?

R. Schwartz Construction can help you with your remodeling needs that include siding, gutters, roofing and more. We are an award-winning contractor (Outer Banks Parade of Homes) with the training and experience to give you 100% customer satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We work for you and will find the best value for materials to meet your siding project budget. When it comes to siding needs for your home, R. Schwartz Construction is the top contractor on the Outer Banks for installation or replacement.

Decking OBX Contractor

A deck is a great outdoor space for entertaining. It’s perfect for any outside social gathering from birthdays to barbecues. On the Outer Banks, it’s gives you a nice way to enjoy pleasant outdoor weather without having to deal with sand and “packing for the beach.” Decking increases the value of your home. Potential homebuyers are looking for family-oriented outdoor space and a deck lets them easily imagine how they might enjoy time together outside. R. Schwartz Construction is the OBX contractor who will help you choose the right deck and decking material to bring your deck dreams to life.

There are a number of different design choices when it comes to decking including what material to use. Standard pressure treated decking comes in good, better and best grades. You can create any number of looks for your deck and maximize the available space to enhance the quality of your home. Another positive point about decking is that it can be built relatively quickly and the construction is generally much less intrusive since most of the construction mess remains outside. As an award-winning OBX contractor, we have the proven experience to work with you to build your deck on-time and within your budget.

When you have a deck, the rest of your yard becomes free for other uses. Depending on the style and design, decking can also provide much-needed storage space underneath including racks for bulky items common on the OBX such as surfboards and other watersport equipment. And finally, compared to pricier home renovations, adding a deck can be relatively inexpensively while dramatically increasing your home’s value. R. Schwartz Construction is your friendly neighborhood contractor to call for decking questions, advice, construction, and maintenance.

Maintenance Services on the Outer Banks

Schwartz Construction is a locally owned and operated OBX contractor that provides a range of home maintenance needs. We are professionals, dedicated to giving property owners, property management companies and local homeowners high-quality maintenance solutions at affordable prices. Your urgent repair solutions are just a phone call away, whenever they arise.

Let’s face it: our OBX visitors can be tough on rental homes. If you own an investment property you have a new group of renters in your house just about every week. Some will treat your rental the with the same care and consideration as they would their own home. Others…not so much. Your home maintenance needs may be as simple as repairing a broken fixture or fixing a hole in the wall.  Or they may be more complex, such as replacing an entire plumbing system before the next round of renters comes in. When you have home maintenance emergencies you need an OBX contractor who can respond quickly and work swiftly to solve whatever problems arise.

We also provide services to year-round residents. Many Outer Banks residents don’t have time in their busy schedules to deal with some of the unpleasant maintenance surprises that come with homeownership. Burst pipes, broken water heaters, Elevator emergencies, and roof leaks are just a few of the problems frequently encountered by OBX residents. You need a contractor you can trust to do the job quickly, reliably and economically: R. Schwartz Construction is your go-to solution for any home maintenance need.

Interior and Exterior Painter OBX

Nothing breathes new life into any interior or exterior like a fresh coat of paint but let’s face it, a paint job, particularly an interior paint job, can be a bit of an interruption to your regular routine. Furniture has to be moved or covered. Pictures and art have to be stowed. Floors have to be covered to protect from accidental splatter. Bottom line: you need to hire a painter who’ll do the job right the first time. R. Schwartz Construction is an award-winning OBX contractor with decades of home remodeling experience who will work with you meet all your painting needs.

At R. Schwartz Construction we use Behr brand paint for both interior and exterior projects to assure you of a long-lasting, quality paint job. We use Behr paint and primer to insure any existing visible stains will be completely covered. All surfaces are cleaned and adequate drying time is allowed before we inspect the project prior to applying the first drop of paint. Any caulking or drywall repairs are made and then two heavy coats of the desired paint are applied. You will not find a painter on the OBX who is more diligent than those with R. Schwartz Construction.

Some people question the value of painting the exterior of their homes. Given it can be a sizeable time commitment and disruption, this is understandable. The benefits of an exterior paint job go much deeper than simply giving your home a fresh new look. For one, it’s a great way to potentially increase your home’s value. Painting your home can add to its resale value and it definitely worth hiring a professional painter to ensure the job is done right. A quality paint job works as an added layer of protection against the elements, a particular concern on the OBX where we can experience some fairly dramatic weather and temperature swings. Finally, the paint can prevent exterior wood from rotting which may help avoid larger repair costs in the future. So, whether you are considering an interior or exterior paint project, give R. Schwartz Construction a call. We’ll help you find a solution that best fits your needs and your budget.

Elevator Contractor on the Outer Banks

There are any number of reasons the plans for your Outer Banks home might include an elevator. With so many OBX homes built on stilts and reverse floor plans, homeowners find it useful to have elevators to help move between the different levels of the home. A growing population of retirees demands elevators for those with mobility issues. And any contractor will tell you that particularly for larger rental properties vacationers have come to expect an elevator in the home.

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution to home elevators, which is why you should hire a contractor who fully understands the project’s scope, installation, and each home design. R. Schwartz Construction is the OBX contractor who is guaranteed to work with you to plan your elevator needs. We discuss all the known and potential uses for the elevator, consider your budgetary requirements and help you choose the right elevator for your home.

Many homeowners have found elevators is a good investment for rentals and resale. Others have come to appreciate how an elevator can help assist people young and old with special needs or mobility issues. If your dream home includes an elevator, talk to the contractor who has installed elevators in homes all over the Outer Banks. If lifestyle changes necessitate including an elevator in your current OBX home, give R. Schwartz Construction a call.

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